ART as a playground

Another Playground work with art playgrounds and has the ambition is to create playgrounds which contribute to strengthening children’s motor skills, health and movement, to create playgrounds which have a stimulating effect on children’s development and imagination and playgrounds which support the fact that children in various ages have different play patterns. 

The gain to involve artists is to ensure that the playgrounds obtain a range in form and content. An advantage of involving artists is the fact that they embrace the task with open, playful and unprejudiced minds. They do not allow themselves to be restricted by safety regulations and operating issues and this results in rethinking when it comes to the form and content of the playgrounds. Furthermore, the playgrounds will possess an aesthetic value and will become an inspiring place for children, parents and people passing by. The good results are based on a rich and open minded dialog between artist, project manager and the producer.

Why Art Playgrounds?

The art playgrounds add a new visual voice to the city, they add a contrast to the surroundings and bring something unexpected into the urban space. Children are invited into a fantasy world which strengthens their language and imagination, motor skills and knowledge of various materials. The children’s meeting with an absurd and different urban space generates wonder and curiosity and challenges their view of the world. 

Art Playgrounds in Copenhagen

In selected areas in Copenhagen, children can play on art. The Danish capital now has five art playgrounds where children meet art up close. At these playgrounds, art is to be used, contrary to art in museums. There is no finger-wagging from custodians – the art playgrounds work with the motto “look and touch”.  Louise Banke from Another Playground got the idea to involve artists and worked as manager for the project.

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